• Open Genset

    Open Genset

    Its excellent performance and incomparable reliability are leading to the best power solutions in power generating field.
  • Silent Genset

    Silent Genset

    FENGFA generator set are all pass the strict test, can run under the most demanding working conditions.
  • Special Genset

    Special Genset

    It is applicable to large and high brightness lighting in the operation sites of large scale construction,rescue and maintenance ,accident handing,disaster relieve and some other worktasks,etc.
  • Marine Genset

    Marine Genset

    CUMMINS Marine Generator Power range: 30kW-1000kW; 37kVA-1250kVA 50Hz/400V, 60Hz/440V and other available
  • Control System

    Control System

    Control System
  • open Genset01
  • Silent Genset1
  • Special Genset1
  • Marine Genset1
  • Control System1

Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., ltd. mainly produces and sells diesel generator sets, from 3-3000 KVA, marine power emergent diesel gen-sets from 12-500KW and kinds of imported diesel gen-sets, movable power station, low-noise, multi-pieces connection, remote monitoring, gen-sets with ATS, and gas gen-sets. We persistently insist in high standard of product quality and lay on strict requirements on it, according to the policy of real price for survival and good quality for development.

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Open Genset
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